tisdag 18 mars 2014

Hi there

Im Sandra, aka Synerror. When you press in something you cant really do on a calculator it might say: synerror. And I did somehow start to use that as a username on the Internet long time ago. So thats  why.

Im genuinely interested in sewing. Have a love for indie pattern companies and fabrics in natural fabrics like wool, hemp and silk (and preferably in a striped  pattern).  Are non-pedantic, like, the opposite of a perfectionist and a bit too lazy. This notices in my fitting and the general finish of my garments.
But that doesn't stop me, and by sewing more and get more experience I put higher demands on the things I do, so its getting better. Its a long way to make it to the great British sewing bee thou. Plus I live in Sweden so its not gonna happen anyway.

Now I really need to start blogging about this interest of mine (have made some attempts a couple of times but never really followed through). I sort of don't really have any IRL sewing friends and tend to go all nerdy on my non-interested-in-sewing-friends instead.
So instead I thought, I can talk here. Talk about patterns, fabrics, dyeing fabrics, presser feet, machines my hits, misses and new learning skills. And sort of, perhaps, get to now people around the world in the sewing community. Of all the blogs I read/stalk/glimpse through I see there's a lot of nice and talented people out there from whom I've learned a lot over the last 1,5 years.

And, I know there's probably not much readers here just yet. But if anyone finds there way here I want to remind you all to back up By Hand Londons project on Kickstarter for making it possible for us to design and print our own fabrics. I admit Im usually a cheap one but even I have backed them up, while dreaming of stripey fabrics with little cats on. Whopa!

By that, I leave with a picture of my cat helping me out. She did also tip the pinbox over herself the day this photo was taken, I got quite a scare when she was covered in pins but they fell off immediate when I took her up from there.   

Love Synerror